Counting and Skipping

Counting and Skipping Songbook

“Any rhyme with a good beat can be used for skipping, but some of these ones have been specially invented for that purpose. Usually skipping rhymes end with a number series (which may go on indefinitely). 

Counting plays a big part in children’s verses, and many of their games require counting-out rhymes. But numbers are not essential for counting out. Not even sense is necessary, and the metre of the verse is all that really matters. So we get in English, such pleasant nonsense as A rah chickapa, and in Irish the same sort of thing in Lúra beag, used for a fireside counting game.” — Hugh Shields, 1971

Listen and find out more about each item in the song pages below or enjoy the playlist.

One, Two, Three, Four

Three, Six, Nine

A Bottle of Ink

Have a Cigarette Sir

I Had a Little Dolly

Twenty, Eighteen

Teacher, Teacher with a Stick

I Saw Teacher

All in Together

Cinderella Dressed in Yellow

Tilly on the Telephone

The Rippo, the Rappo

Little Minnie

Jelly on the Plate [one]

As I Was in the Kitchen

As I Was Going to Kentucky

Bluebells Cockleshells [one]

I Had a Little Motor Car

Policeman Policeman Don’t Take Me

Skip Skip Skip to My Lou

Eena Meena Macka Rocka

A Rah Chickapa

Eettle Attle Bluebottle

Lúra Beag

My Name Is L I L I

Flowers in the Garden

Jelly on the Plate [two]

Wee Willie Lost His Marley

Bluebells Cockleshells [two]

One Two Three, My Granny Had a Flea

Mammy in the Kitchen

Granny in the Kitchen

A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

One Two, Buckle My Shoe