Riddles and More Rhymes

Riddles and More Rhymes Songbook

“All these rhymes are usually performed. The rhymes included here are ones which mostly have no other function than to amuse. The riddles, catches and sayings, as well as many of the rhymes, belong to the countryside rather than the town. 

Answers to the riddles are usually things that can be seen on a farm. In 'Porridge and whey' hired farm workers say what they think of the breakfasts they get – or used to get – from farmers who hired them.”  — Hugh Shields, 1971

Listen and find out more about each item in the Song Pages below or enjoy the Playlist.

What Goes over the Water [riddle]

What Goes round the House [riddle] [one]

What Goes through the Wood [riddle]

What Goes round the House [riddle] [two]

My Mother Told Me [A Naughty Girl]

Mammy, Daddy, Uncle Tom

A Drunkard’s Wife

There Was a Little Man

The Wee Faloorie Man

Dan, Dan, the Funny Wee Man

Paddy on the Railway

Riddle Me Riddle Me Randy Bo [riddle]

Wee Jinny with the Red Nose [riddle]

As White as Snow [riddle]

Teachtaire Beag ó Theach go Teach [riddle]

Tá Bean Beag amuigh Ansin [riddle]

Paschale and Alan Were Sitting on a Tree

Humpty Dumpty

Now Barry and Joan Were under a Bush

Please Keep off the Grass Sir

Down in the Alley Where the Green Grass Grows

Three Grey Geese

A Creel of Peats

There Was a Fiddler in Dublin [riddle]

How Many Feet Has Forty Sheep [riddle]

If There Were Twenty-Six Sheep [riddle]

If a Fella Met a Fella [riddle]

My Aunt Jane She Called Me in

Mrs Kelly

Mrs White

Porridge and Whey

Chewing Gum a Penny a Packet

I Had a Little Monkey

As I Went up a Slithery Gap [riddle]

As I Went over Corny Hill [riddle]



Two Four Six Eight

As I Went o’er Carnearney Hill [riddle]