The Shields Family Collection in ITMA

The Hugh Shields Collection (HSH-18739) at the Irish Traditional Music Archive contains an extensive array of multi-media materials which have been entrusted to ITMA over the last number of years by Hugh and Lisa Shields.

Included in this collection are:

  • commercial/non-commercial audio/audiovisual recordings (230+ reel-to-reels, tape cassettes, VHS etc.)
  • printed items (books, ballad sheets, serials, sheet music, pamphlets and off-prints etc.)
  • personal papers (correspondence (1953—2002) 
  • research notes 
  • card catalogues
  • unpublished articles 
  • radio and lecture scripts 
  • manuscripts, typescripts, music transcriptions and notations 
  • original illustrations 
  • photographs 
  • ephemera and newspaper cuttings