Discography / Bibliography

A list of sound recordings, books, theses and articles held in ITMA Library. 

Please click on the ITMA CID for full details.


Leitrim's hidden treasure [sound recording] / The McNamara Family [ITMA CID 32809]

Tocane 2016: 25 ans déjà [sound recording] / Brian McNamara and various performers [ITMA CID ] 

Fort of the jewels [sound recording] / Brian McNamara [ITMA CID 

A piper's dream [sound recording] / Brian McNamara [ITMA CID 

Reed only [sound recording] / Brian McNamara & Tim Collins [ITMA CID 

The missing reel [sound recording] / John Lee & Seamus McGuire [ITMA CID 

The legacy of Stephen Grier [sound recording] / John Lee & Seamus McGuire [ITMA CID 

The Tocane Concerts [sound recording] / various performers [ITMA CID 37050]

Includes John Lee

The crooked finger [sound recording] / Johnny Gray [ITMA CID 252744]

The Coleman Archive. Vol. 2. The home place [sound recording] / various performers [ITMA CID 40341]

Includes Pee Fitzpatrick, Jimmy McKiernan, Jim Rawl and Desmond O'Higgins

Folkland : songs, music and stories of Ireland [sound recording] [ITMA CID 

Includes John Blessing speaking about old dances in Leitrim  

The anvil [sound recording] / Marie Reilly [ITMA CID 

The road to Glannagh [sound recording] / Marie Reilly [ITMA CID 

Dog Big and Dog Little [sound recording]  [ITMA CID 

The natural bridges [sound recording] / Ben Lennon & Friends [ITMA CID 

Rossinver Braes [sound recording] / Ben Lennon & Tony O'Connell [ITMA CID  

Within a mile of Kilty [sound recording] / various performers [ITMA CID  

Tunesmith [sound recording] / Charlie Lennon [ITMA CID  

Time for a tune [sound recording] / Charlie Lennon [ITMA CID  

The emigrant suite [sound recording] / Charlie Lennon [ITMA CID  

Flight from the hungry land [sound recording] / Charlie Lennon [ITMA CID  

Lucky in love [sound recording] / Charlie Lennon & Mick O'Connor [ITMA CID  

A terrible beauty [sound recording] / Charlie Lennon [ITMA CID 233126]


The tailor's twist / Ben Lennon [ITMA CID  

Musical memories, 1 & 2 / Charlie Lennon [ITMA CID  

The companion to Irish traditional music / Fintan Vallely, ed. [ITMA CID  

Ceol rince na hÉireann. Vol. 4 [ITMA CID  

Includes tunes from the Stephen Grier Manuscripts

Minstrels and musicians / Chief O' Neill [ITMA CID  

Includes references to the Kennedy Family of Lisnatullagh, Co. Leitrim

Irish music: a fascinating hobby [ITMA CID  

Includes references to the Kennedy Family of Lisnatullagh, Co. Leitrim


Play me a lonesome reel / Desi Wilkinson [ITMA CID  

Includes references to Leitrim flute players, including John Blessing

Regionalism in pre-revival Irish traditional flute performing styles: fact or fiction? / Nóra Kavanagh [ITMA CID  

Includes index of Leitrim flute players, including John Blessing

Thomas Kernan and the fiddle traditions of the Conmhaicne region: a critical analysis of selected fiddle sources 1844 to 1973 / Conor Ward [ITMA CID  

Includes references to Peter Kennedy of Lisnatullagh, Fr. John Quinn and Enda McNamara [ITMA CID