Aidan O'Hara made most of the recordings featured in A Grand Time, but in 1978 he returned to the Cape Shore with the assistance of a Canada Council grant, folklorist and song scholar Kenneth S Goldstein, and a young folklore student Hugh "Hoodie" Rowlings. Together they retraced Aidan O'Hara's path around the Cape Shore. They also encountered a few new voices along the way.

Photographs tell their own stories. Photo journalist Len Penton documented the 1977 and '78 Folk Festivals in St John's, Newfoundland from behind the lens of his camera. He entrusted many of these images to Aidan O'Hara for safe keeping.

Nlresize Aidan Ohara

Aidan O'Hara

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Kenneth S Goldstein (1927–1995)

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Nlresize Judges Ebenoit Rowlings

Hugh “Hoodie” Rowlings (b. 1953)

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Nlresize Apower At Nl Folk Festival

Len Penton

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